Chapter two; when evil came knocking.

I actually started the last chapter two days ago so I have another update already.. I know. I have no life. It’s sad. Except I can do more Sims stuff. Which is fun!

Anyway.. back to Brad and his charming self.


And here he is. Looking happy after a good night’s sleep and a shower – despite the fact that the salad from yesterday must taste even worse today.

Brad: Nuh uh. I’m a pretty good cook.

Yeah that’s probably why it says skill level 1 in your cooking skill.

So he goes to work, makes $200, comes home to eat more.. salad lol.. boring stuff.


But then.. DUN DUN DUN.

Evil is knocking on the door.


I just don’t get it.. Brad is in the middle of making salad and the door just swings open. -.- Is it because he has free will and just invited her as one of the automatic functions?

I don’t know! But I don’t want her there.



Antonia: Outta my way.

You’re actually in my way. In Brad’s door actually. House even. Go home.

Antonia: Nope. Sorry. Not happening.



She wasted no time, stripped down to her swimming suit and jumped into the pool.

And then… look how sweet and smiley she looks. Maybe there’s hope after all? They would make amazing looking babies. ^^


And Brad looks pretty happy too. It’s too cute when a Sim sits on the edge of a pool like that.

Brad: See! I told you she digs me.

I.. guess? Your house at least, heh. Even though it has like nothing in it.

Brad: Yeah well last night’s guests didn’t seem to mind – and we didn’t even use the pool. But hush now.. I got a woman to woo.

Uh uh.  Still thinks she’s evil, even at this point.


And so it was no surprise..

Antonia: “Last night’s guests?” You had people here?!?!?

Brad: Wait, what..?

Antonia: You had girls here?

Brad: But you we-

Antonia: Save it! Whatever. Get out.


So Antonia kicked Brad out of his own pool, and oddly enough he didn’t look too sad. I was wondering what he was up to and when I checked.. zomg.

More freaking salad!


Antonia followed him in eventually and just.. stood there.

Eh, I’d watch out if I was you, Brad. She’s like seriously freaking the hell out of me – hide the knife. Quick.


But Brad is now a whining asshat whose expression looks like this for the rest of the cooking/salad making. Chopping lettuce can hardly be called cooking, can it? lol

Antonia: Don’t make me check the bathroom for hair samples.

Yep. Definitely psycho that one.

Antonia: You can’t just invite me in and then just tell me about other girls.

Well technically you invited yourself in.. and he wasn’t doing that. AND you are not dating you insane freak. (I wonder what her traits are?!)


Antonia: Got it, Brad? Huh huh?!

Brad: ……

Antonia: Yea you better.

Rly Brad? You’re going to just let her stomp all over you like that – and OMG! It actually says ‘serve dinner.’ You were planning on cooking for that witch?


Antonia: Eh.. I got no time for that shit. I don’t like crappy salad. You better take me out somewhere nice if you want to date me, Brad.

Actually, he doesn’t.

Antonia: Call me when you got some cash!


Brad: I’m sad.

I noticed. Believe me. I’m sad too because you won’t hit Antonia in the face with a truck.

Brad: But I like her.


But he does.. I can tell it from his wishes, meh. Damn you Brad.



I take him to the park to try to cheer him up, but uh. It doesn’t seem to help very much. Wanna know something funny, though?!?

See the chick at the chess table to the left? With a pink shirt? Well I thought I could send Brad over there to chat with her a bit to lighten the mood – and maybe she wouldn’t be an airhead or a psychotic maniac.


Apparently she wasn’t feeling it LOL. As soon as I clicked on the available chair across from her, she stood up and left. I picked ‘join game.’ Can’t join anything that doesn’t exist. Poor Brad lol

Brad: Not funny.. Now I’m sad.

What difference does it make? You’re sad like 50% of the time anyway. *Cough*


I have him get up and play with someone else so that he can bump his fun meter and talk to someone normal for once.

Brad: hmph. I can pick whoever I want to talk to myself.

Yeah I see how well that’s been going for you.

Brad: I don’t like this guy. Or game. Or chair.


Old man with hat: You know what, son, I don’t like you either.

So that’s settled.. you don’t like each other.

Hold on. Are those surgeon gloves? Is the Old man actually a serial killer?! Maybe he is related to Antonia *shifty eyes*


Looking around, I am kind of starting to wonder about the people in the town. The randoms are kind of… interesting. The ones I placed in the game long time ago (and later forgot all about bwahaa) all have kinda bad personalities.

Odd guy in overalls: Coming through! Got a train to catch.

‘cept there’s no trains to catch in this game.. Well then.


I decide the park is a failure and go to the library to do practical stuff. Like working on Brad’s typing so that we can get money and win this game. What do you mean there’s no ‘winning’ the game…?

Anyho! Look who’s here.

Person with braids: Don’t even… BYE!


Again it’s lame to watch Brad sit on his ass and type, so I look around.


Okay so her sense of fashion could use a little help, but isn’t she cute?! Alhough I’m almost weirded out by how much the women in this town like to fish.

But never mind that. Let’s fetch Brad. Lord help us all.


Brad: Whoooohaaaa! I can see your bra.. and stuff.

HOLY SHIT, BRAD. Way to ruin it. -.- You make my soul hurt.

And so she walked off..

Brad: No prob! I’m a babe catcher. I’ll just go find her again. Easy, right?!

Yeah.. nothing could possible go wrong. At all.

Brad: Heeeeeey! Wait up. I was just kidding. You looked like a girl who could take a joke, you know?


She actually sat down.. and talked to him. I’m impressed. Like a proud mom moment.


Underwear-girl: Hey why are you standing all the way over there? I thought we were talking?

No kidding. Why are you just standing there, Brad? Go sit down with her!


Brad: So I was just coming from the park, but th-

Underwear-girl:: Ewww gross.

The park’s gross?

Underwear-girl: No. His face.

WTF? lol She does look grossed out.


Under-wear girl: Just kidding! Teeheeee.

Brad: Oh yea. So anyway.. I was coming from the park, but then decided to visi-

Under-wear girl: Hahaahaa! That’s really funny. You’re so funny.

Brad: Uhm.. Okay. Well. I’m Brad, what’s y-

Under-wear girl: That is hysterical! You should be a comedian or something. Hahahaa   29

Underwear-girl: Bye! Gotta go. It was fun, though.

Brad: Alright…

Well that was kinda weird. I guess the joke’s on you, Brad?

Bad pun is bad hurr hurr.


Guess what I also spied! A snack machine. So cool. I was so excited about seeing it that I made Brad eat something twice even though we can’t afford it. I just wanted to see what it looked like lol.

Is this a new thing in the game, or did I just severely fail and didn’t notice for the last.. uh YEARS? If so, the detective skills are real.

In other news.. look who just showed up! Cake girl.

Cake girl: I have a name, you know.

Oh yeah. What is it?

Cake girl: It is.. a secret.

(Okay I admit it. I fail at noting down stuff. Names included. ;D )


She picks up a book immediately and then just stops and stares at this guy.

Cake girl: Hey where did you come from?

I am pretty sure he sat there all along..

Cake girl: Oh. Where am I again?

Well.. there’s books everywhere. A checkout desk. A librarian and public computers. Pretty sure it means that you are at the freaking LIBRARY.

fYI, Cake girl makes my soul hurt too.


Although very randomly Brad came over while I was checking her out and started chatting with her, she was in a flirty mood – and since he has the romantic trait, it had to happen; hand holding and eye gazing.

Not sure about the whole ditsy girl thing, but hey, it beats psycho Snow-white, right?


Morty Jr: There’s kids in this library, you know. That is SO inappropriate.

Yeah well. I need babies in my household. Sorry. I gotta take what I can get, kid.

Morty Jr: Sounds desperate.

Well I am desperate at this point.. so. Hush your face.

Morty Jr: And my name is actually Alexander.

Well ‘Actually Alexander’.. I frankly don’t care! Sorry, not sorry.


Cake girl: Uhm. I think he’s right. There’s kids here. Like.. right next to my hand.

Brad: It’s okay. It will be educational. Like biology class heeh heeh.

Cake girl: Can I be the teacher?!

Halp! Somebody save me.


Apparently she must be into the whole roleplay kink because she’s getting all swoony over Brad.

Brad: I just got some shit to do, though.

Right now??? Like..?

Library kid: Grown ups are weird.


So he heads up-stairs, but at this point it seems as if Antonia is not the only one who’s not easy to shake off, because Cake girl is right behind!


She seats her across from Brad and just.. stares off into thin air.

Cake girl: No no.. I am picturing his face in my head.

But he is like right there. You can actually look at him. In person!


Cake girl: Oh yeah.. *swoons from a distance*

Brad.. Are you chatting with someone?

Brad: Hm? No. Nope.

It kinda looks like it. It better not be Antonia! 49

Cake girl: Oooooooh. I can chat with him. Yeah I’ll do that. :]

Again.. he’s like right there. But never mind, I give up.

And Brad himself? Totally ignores her. It’s kinda sad because I thought for a moment that they were getting along.. although I probably would have lost my freaking mind if I had to deal with her ass until she’s old enough to hit the grave.


So Brad went home after getting one skill level in writing and playing a video game. He stopped chatting online.. and never started with cake girl again. (I really need to figure out her name.)

So the grant total score you ask? It’s still 0. I know. Brad’s boring and won’t even pee his pants. LAME BRAD. JUST LAME.

Actually something happened! I bought lamps for the livingroom/kitchen. Yuzz.

2 thoughts on “Chapter two; when evil came knocking.

  1. This is so funny! I really like your writing style and how you put these memes in your chapters! And I definitely like your humour, yep, definitely. I can’t wait to see which girl Brad will choose!


    1. Thank you so much! ^^ I am happy that you like the humor, I know it can be too crude for some ;D Brad is still struggling… so he better step up his game lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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