Chapter four; And finally a date!

So we made it to chapter four without any major disasters! Usually by now I would have had some house fires, shut down of electricity, pee puddles all over the place we also have no idiots running around yet– and talking about electricity, where’s my bills?! Or Brad’s bills I should say. Not that I’m complaining. The utility bill in Sims is crazy expensive!

But enough bla bla from me. Let’s check in with Brad!


So the game is kinda being weird again (No shocker there.) It’s forwarding a bit when I don’t play, and I don’t play another games than this one. It shouldn’t time travel, but it does!!

So today I found him out of bed and staring out the window.

Whatcha doing Brad?

Brad: I’m sad.

I hate to ask why.. but why?

Brad: I want romance but don’t have a girlfriend. :[

Oh that. Oh well. Sucks to be you I guess? LOL


He got a promotion! At long last! It didn’t bring in too much money, but it got Brad a computer as an added bonus, which he really needs for his career. :]


So he has a house and a job but no woman. We need a wife and I thought ‘Hey let’s go to the pool. There should be chicks there, right?

So here we go;

Brad in swimming trunks, check.
A pool; check.
A bar if the ladies do show up; check!


Bartender: Lalalala…

What’s up, bartender?

Bartender: Water. Lots of water.

True dat.


And here is Brad, mixing up a storm of drinks.

Not really. He’s still a newbie. But alcohol is alcohol.. right?


Brad: Nobody wants my drinks :[

Probably because they look kinda gross.

Brad: That’s not nice.

Well I guess truth hurts? LOL


So since there’s no women in the pool and we still need a wifey, I just have him play some piano. His skills are equally shitty as the bartending skills but oh well. It looks impressive at least?

And sure enough, we got girls coming up. They look cute too.

Brad? Some girls are coming.


Brad??? The girls are.. leaving.


Brad WTF!! They are cute and we need a girl. Antonia is psycho and I don’t know where Cake girl went. She somehow vanished from the interaction list. -.-

Brad: I’m busy. This is fun. I’m getting better :]

Eh, that’s up for debate.


Leather-jacket chick: Heh.. there’s that loser I told you about.

Cassandra: Ohhh should we mess with him?

Leather-jacket chick: Nah, not worth my time.

Yea.. you girls keep on walking. We don’t want you anyway!


So obviously the pool sucked. Let’s try the museum. Maybe some cute, intellectual girls are to be found there.

But nope. It’s dead.


Brad: Hey! I think I could be related to these guys.

They look like they’re nobility.. so probably not.

Brad: No, no. I think I am. I look like him.

No you don’t. And you’re from CAS anyway lol


Let’s go. There’s no one here. -.-

Brad: There’s this guy. *wave* Hello dragon!

He isn’t real. Just so you know.

Brad: How do you know? Real dragons don’t reveal themselves to mortals.



So we go to the library…. Nothing there but books. It’s like an alternative reality where suddenly there’s no people anywhere!!


Except this evil…

We went back home, and look who’s strolling down the street. Ugh.


Quick. Look busy.

Brad: I am. I’m ready “Reel her in.”

Good idea. You desperately need that.


Phew. She just walked by the house.



Speaking of house, with the bonus we bought a stove! But.. I didn’t really have enough money for the computer desk that I had to buy so that Brad can use his new computer.

I kinda had to sell some windows and wallpaper.. Ahem.


Brad has the next day off. I honestly just sent him off to bed the night before and didn’t want to update anything else. The day was boring as hell.

He has the day off so I thought I should send him to the gym. I mean.. c’mon, it’s the gym. There has to be girls there.. just look at Bella. She’s there like ALL the time.


So one woman strolled right on over to him as soon as he hopped onto the thread mill. She’s already passed YA though and we can’t have that. Besides, she’s kinda scary – and literally just stands there, staring him down. -.-


Then in the middle of the whole work out thing, Ayla calls. :]

A date! We didn’t even have to struggle for one. I guess Brad wasn’t completely fail the other night. Actually he was but she must have seen something in him.. oddly enough.


She invited him to a place called the… Uh don’t remember lol.

Brad: We should take a picture together. it will be a nice memory!

Or proof that you ever had an actual date lol.


Ayla: So.. I guess we didn’t really finish the other night, huh?

Brad: True, true. We can have some drinks and fix that.

Good boy! :]

Maybe that book did help a bit after all?


So Brad orders some drinks and they chat it up while waiting for them.

Ayla: I was thinking about you. You’re kinda cute.

Brad: I was thinking about you too.

Lies, you weren’t.

Brad: Shaddap. You don’t know that.

Actually, yes. Yes I do.


They move away from the bar that starting to get real crowded..

… and then this dude literally POPPED into view. He scared the shit out of me. It was so creepy.

Jack-in-the-box guy: I just want to be in your blog.

Well.. now you are.




Things are going great between Brad and Ayla.

Brad: So I just got a promotion and started writing a kid’s book.

Ayla: Oh.. you want to have kids then?

Brad: I guess..?

Dawwwww :]


But then.. ugh.


A date. Not with you bwahahah.

Antonia: Not if I can help it!


Uhm. What do you mean?

Antonia: Oh nothing. *evil smirk*


Antonia: Hey random girl I don’t care about know?

Ayla: Oh hey!

Brad: Oh that’s uhh.. Antonia. *whispers* She’s a litt-

Antonia: No need to whisper. I know that we had an amazing night together! I barely got any sleep, I was soooo tired the next day.


Ayla: Uh what?

Antonia: You didn’t know? You poor thing. Come on over here. Let’s do a little.. girl talk.

Oh no you didn’t!!!


Antonia: Anyway. It’s nice to see Brad with good friends. We should totes be friends too.

Ayla: Uhm.. so how long have you two – you know..

Antonia: Ooooh I don’t know. Weeks, months. Time flies.

Brad: Hey hey now. It’s not like that…

But Ayla walks off :[



Antonia: Heeh heeh.

You’re evil.

Antonia: Thanks!


Ayla: I need a drink. Make it a double.

Ohh look who the bartender is?

Person with braid: *ignores*


Antonia: Hey Braaaaad. Why don’t you come sit with me, dear?

Brad: I don’t know.. That was pretty bad.

Don’t do it. Not allowed.


Meanwhile Ayla is sitting down on a couch with this guy.

Couch-guy: Hey you. What’s a pretty thing like you doing here?

Ayla: *sigh* I don’t wanna talk. :[


You’re not allowed to talk to her.

Brad: Maybe we should just be friends, Antonia.



Ayla has gone back to getting another drink.


Antonia: Hello stranger. Do you have a house, job, money?

Denim guy: .. what?

Run man. Run while you can.


Brad seemed a bit lost and ended up listening to this guy.

Comedian: What do you call a sad cup of coffee????

Brad: What, what?? Teeeell me.

Comedian: A Depresso.



In the end we went home empty handed again. Totally no love. Just left over frank and beans.

Brad: I’m sad.


This is like Deja Vu.

Anyway. Brad can go to bed on his own. It was pretty cool that we didn’t get any bills though, and no new negative points!

Total score; -5

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