Chapter five; here we go again!

Hallais! We are back again with another update, Brad and I. Because Brad is still single, sigh.

And what a nice way to start the chapter too. With Brad standing next to his bed, almost wetting it Because he’s cool like that.


Brad: Ngghhhh

Can’t you just.. you know? Go and use the bathroom instead of standing there and making such a spectacle out of yourself??


He goes to the bathroom, takes a shower and then I have him work a bit on his book. For some reason he’s writing a children’s book. Makes like no sense.


Then….. Antonia calls. So not going to have her come over.


Instead Brad makes himself some egg and toast. Which is awesome! It is exciting because we have had to eat SO much salad.

Like tons..

… and tons.


And there it is. Buuuh. $414 to keep the electricity on. I am about $200 shy of that mark, but still one more day’s worth of work before it is due so I should be able to just pay for it lol.


Broke Sim is broke. Another reason to get a wife, ahem.


Since Brad is such a bookworm, he always reads whenever his fun meter is low, or he has idle time on his hands. It’s weird because even bookie Sims I’ve had before usually pick computer games instead. I’m not complaining though since it’s part of his daily stuff to do for work.

Anyway….. guess who I saw outside, Brad?

Brad: Uhm.. Antonia?

Fuck no.


It is Cake girl! She’s back. I wasn’t sure if we would see her again.

Quick, go say hi before she leaves.

Cake girl: Hmm.. I think I am lost. Where am I?


Then she spots Brad.

Cake girl: Hiiiii Brad!


Brad: Hi… what’s your name again?

Pretty sure we never knew it lol

Cake girl: It is Bailee :]

Brad: Ohh pretty name.

Brad & Bailee. It sounds so cute. ^^

Woman in black: Uuhhh I feel left out, so cyah.


Brad: Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go.

Well put a knot on it because we are not going to have her vanish again! We need to build up that meter.

Brad: But it buuuuuuurns.

Too bad. Suck it up bro.


Brad: So.. how have you been?

Bailee: Good, good. I don’t have more cake left for you, though.

Brad: That’s okay… I’m not sure what happened to the last one.

You’re being kinda boring. Just saying.


Brad: Right. Okay…

Bailee: What’s okay?

Brad: Oh nothing. Uhm. Hey want to hear a joke?

Help us all.. -.-

Bailee: Yes! I love jokes.

Brad: What do you get from a pampered cow?

Bailee: What what what??

Brad: Spoiled milk!



Bailee: Hahahaa!

Brad: Your turn.

Bailee: Okay. I got a cow joke too. What did the cowboy say to the cow that stood on the barn roof?

Brad: I don’t know…??

Bailee: Get down, cow!

…. a match made in heaven right there.


This popped up during their conversation, btw.

Brad: Oh yea! She should be a comedian. She’s really good.

Yeah.. that is definitely debatable as well.


Then he suddenly turns around and leaves.


Bailee: Byyyyyye Brad.

Okay so maybe she’s a bit loony, but she’s pretty cute.


Hey rude ass, why’d you ditch her.

Brad: Because the knot’s not working anymore and it’s gonna start leaking down my leg soon!

Okay, okay. I get it. Sheesh.


So he showers after that.. and do dishes. Then we have a lame bug.

The plate’s stuck on his hand.


Brad: It stinks! Gross!


It’s actually really stuck and his mood is going down the shitter now since the plate is dirty and nasty. But we can’t get it off so he has to go to bed with it.

I’m sorry but that’s pretty funny.

Brad: :[


Next day he is off to work again and comes back looking smug as hell.

Sup Brad? Got a promotion or something?

Brad: Nope.

Of course not. Well.. I guess we better work on finding that girlfriend then.

Let’s call Bailee! ^^


I decide on taking her for a casual and chill outing after the last couple of crazy trips out.

Brad: Your.. bikini looks great heeh heeh.

Don’t be a creeper. Although she do look great ;]


Now look what you did.. She’s walking away -.-

Bailee: There’s a POOL. Let’s hop in.

Yeah.. public pools tend to have, you know, pools. -.-


*Splash splash*


Srsly.. why is this dude everywhere?!

Person with braids: I’m gonna jump in hurr.



Morty Jr: Look at me.. breaking up these two gross adult. I’m going to do it again and again and again and again and again and ag-


But you’re not going to because we’ll go somewhere else.


To the park! To hang out and grab a bite to eat.

Bailee: *Yawn*

No, no. Nobody’s getting tired. We’re not done, kids.


A new wish popped up and I hoped it was about Bailee in particular, but no. Kiss ‘someone’. Could you at least be a little bit specific, Brad?

I swear he’s doing this to me on purpose.


The struggle is real.


But he’s being a good date and goes to make them some food. It started smoking pretty bad, then flames all over.. but the food didn’t burn.

Good. We won’t poison Bailee then.


Bailee: I think I see pigs.

As in.. ‘when pigs can fly’?

Bailee: I don’t get it.

You know.. the expression?

Bailee: Uhmmm.. flying pigs?

Never mind. Moving on.


Back to check on Brad to see how he’s doing with the grill. I watch him for a while but realize when I zoom back out that Bailee is gone!

Where did she go? :[

I’m thinking she just left since she was yawning a bunch earlier and it’s like Midnight at this point.


Brad: It’s lonely to eat by myself.

Sorry kid, can’t help it. Your date.. uh vanished I guess? But hey, more for you!


So Brad has a serving, we scoop up the left overs to bring it home and that’s when I see a certain redhead in the background.

Bailee’s still here!


Bailee: Hello random, Midnight chess people.

Player on the left: Just ignore her. She’s super annoying but will go away eventually.

Player on the right: I know right!

That’s kinda mean.. though I guess understandable ;D


But Bailee won’t have to feel left out because Brad’s on his way.

Brad: Hey, I thought you left.

Bailee: No. I just saw something cool. Like a frog in a hole.


Brad: Anyway, it looked kinda cool when you laid in the grass earlier. Wanna do it with me?


And they do :]

Bailee: I think that’s that flying pig.

Brad: The what now?

Just.. don’t ask.

Brad: If you come closer I’ll point out something really cool.

Bailee: Okies!

Okay.. that was probably the smoothest thing you’ve said so far.


See it would be really romantic and cute if not for this..

They are literally RIGHT next to the chess table.

Player on the left: Just pretend they’re not there.

Player on the right: Done!



Bailee: It’s getting kinda late, Brad.

Says the one who has no job or reason to get up early -.-

Brad: Okay….. Do you want to get together tomorrow, maybe?

Bailee: Ohhh yes.


And look! YAY!  Finally a wish with a specific girl’s name in it. And not just a flirt wish or something like that, but a girlfriend one.


But it’s late and I’d hate for her to say no because she’s sleepy.. Not to mention those annoying chess players are kinda in the way for a romantic moment.

Brad: Night Bailee.

Bailee: Niiiite.

And that’s it for today! We (almost) got a girlfriend, huzzah!

Score; -5


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